Stephanus Jacobus Du Toit, there, we said it, is a free-spirited (but not in a weird way) South African storyteller photographer. Kind of in the same way a top CEO might also be the best karaoke singer you’ve ever heard. He’s a Landscape Architect by day, and well, a photographer by… other days. The difference though, is that this is no sing-along for Stefan – just go to the home page and check his serious expression to get an idea. He deeply respects people and their life stories, it’s how he is wired, and ever since he got his hands on a Kodak Ektar 100 camera as a pikkie he has loved taking photos of people and places.

“…during his incredible exposure to the country and its people he has immersed himself in the pages of a collective story, the entirety of which would take an eternity to tell.”

What he loves just as much is then sharing these previously untold nuggets of gold he uncovers as if from the very soil and soul of the country he calls home. He details and describes his encounters and the stories told to him with his listeners who draw inspiration, joy and gratitude from the lives of unsung heroes found along the routes less travelled. 

A Landscape Architect for more than 20 years, Stefan has travelled extensively throughout South Africa which has afforded him unique exposure to the country and its people. Through his travels, he has immersed himself in the pages of a collective story, the entirety of which would take an eternity to tell.

He now, each year, embarks on what he calls Pilgrimages, which are trips he goes on at his own discretion to discover and dig out stories he hopes will enrich the lives of others. Stefan doesn’t see colour but heart, so he goes out of his way (literally) to meet people from all walks of life, and takes time to listen. When someone says, “Ag ja, it’s a long story…” He says, “OK hang on let me get my notebook out.” This means a lot to people who’ve gone under-appreciated for years, perhaps even their whole lives.

So he is a photo pro for real and not just a guy who landed a camera on a Black Friday special cause he felt he needed a hobby. Having studied at the New York Institute of Photography he has the technical know-how capture the raw essence of the people and places he is privileged to shoot.